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Why Outsource?

Avoid Time Pressures

One primary reason attorneys outsource legal research and writing projects is time. Unfortunately, lawyers are not always in control of their own schedules. Deadlines—whether set by statute, court rule or judicial fiat—are ever-present. Frequently, it seems that everything must be done at once.

As you manage every other aspect of your clients' complex matters, you may find that comprehensive, in-depth legal research and concise, well-reasoned legal writing are just too labor-intensive to take on yourself. Outsourcing enables you to weather particularly busy periods without having to hire an employee or face time pressures that lead to attorney stress and burnout.

Earn More Money

Outsourcing legal research and writing on a project-by-project basis is cost-effective for attorneys and firms. Hiring an associate requires a significant investment in both time and money. When you outsource legal research and writing projects, you pay only for the time it takes to complete the project, but when you hire an employee, you immediately add to your fixed expenses. Your practice may be busy enough to benefit from project-based outsourcing, but not busy enough to support another employee. Outsourcing is a wise use of your firm's resources that can increase profitability.

Hiring an associate has other downsides that can be avoided by retaining an independent contractor to assist you with your research and writing needs. An employee adds to your administrative burdens, especially if you are a sole practitioner. Your malpractice rates will rise, and you will be subject to all the financial and legal responsibilities that accompany "employer" status. Retaining an independent contractor is much less complicated, both initially and on an ongoing basis.

In fact, outsourcing legal research and writing projects can help your firm's bottom line. With one exception, all of the bar associations that have addressed the issue—including, most notably, the ABA—have determined that an attorney may make a profit in connection with work performed by a contract lawyer, as long as the total charges to the client are reasonable. (The exception is the State Bar of Texas, whose opinion is poorly reasoned on a number of grounds.) Regardless of whether or not you choose to charge your client more than you pay for legal research and writing services, outsourcing is still cost-effective for your client, since even a rate that includes a reasonable profit to you will generally be less than your own hourly rate.

Increase Efficiency

A lawyer who concentrates in legal research and writing can often accomplish those jobs more efficiently than a busy practitioner who may not be as familiar with the available resources or as experienced in searching large databases for sometimes elusive answers. You may already outsource other tasks to independent professionals, such as private investigators, in order to benefit from their expertise. Outsourcing frees you to use your valuable time in a way that is most efficient for you and your clients.

Additionally, attorneys who do not regularly do research and writing may not have ready access to research materials when they need them. Lisa Solomon has immediate access to all state and federal cases, statutes and regulations, as well as a wide range of secondary sources.

Boost Professional Satisfaction

Some lawyers simply like doing "outside" work—such as trials, depositions and client meetings—more than "inside" work, such as legal research and writing. Outsourcing frees you to do those tasks that you find most personally and professionally rewarding.

Of course, it is not always necessary to outsource an entire legal research and writing project. You may need help with research, but may want to write a brief or opinion letter yourself. Or you may have already written a first draft, but need someone to edit your work. Small firms and sole practitioners in particular can benefit from the fresh perspective and critical eye that an outside researcher/writer can bring to a case.

Why Outsource to Lisa Solomon?

Experience and Expertise

Lisa was one of the first lawyers to recognize and take advantage of the technological advances that make outsourcing legal research and writing services practical and profitable for law firms of all sizes. Her practice has been devoted exclusively to legal research and writing since 1996. For some examples of projects that have been outsourced to Lisa Solomon, Esq., go to our Services and Writing Samples pages.

Lisa's extensive background in legal research and writing lends her practice a distinct edge—not only to the scope and depth of her skills, but also to the efficiency with which she can complete any project.

Lisa is the author of many published articles about appellate practice and procedure. A nationally-known speaker, she frequently presents continuing legal education courses about legal writing to lawyers around the country. She applies this expertise to your legal research and writing projects.

A Proactive and Personalized Approach to Legal Analysis

When you're faced with a motion, appeal, or legal research issue, you need to know more than the black letter law—you need to know how that law applies to the unique facts of your case. Lisa never gives you a "canned" brief; all of her work is customized, to be of most use to the busy attorneys who use her services.

Lisa also takes a proactive approach to identifying legal issues beyond the scope of the original assignment that may be crucial to the ultimate success of the project, teaming with you to determine the best strategy to apply to the unique facts and legal issues in each case.

Learn More About Lisa's Background and Qualifications

For more information about Lisa's educational background, bar admissions and professional activities, visit About Lisa.

Hear What Lisa's Clients are Saying

Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore, Esq.
Moore Family Law, P.A.

Plymouth, MN

Family law and estate planning

"Lisa went above and beyond. She gave me a new perspective on the case, offering new arguments that would never have occurred to me. Her writing was impeccable, and she researched caselaw from my jurisdiction that provided me with an understanding of the arguments she suggested. My client was extremely happy with the end result, and he has asked me to engage Lisa's services in the future."

Jennifer Moore

Louis La Pietra, Esq.
La Pietra & Krieger, P.C.

White Plains, NY

Civil and criminal litigation

"When people need help, they call the police. When the police need help, they call the SWAT Team. When La Pietra & Krieger needs help, we call Lisa Solomon. She's our SWAT Team. No matter what the area, Lisa has an uncanny ability to grasp facts, understand concepts that are completely foreign to most people, and turn that into cogent, salient legal reasoning that we're always proud to submit."

Stephen Conlon

Stephen P. Conlon, Esq.
The Conlon Firm

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Land use, business planning and general counsel services

"Lisa assisted me with writing a brief to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals....Lisa is especially good at making... tight arguments...that are very explicit, very tight, no wiggle room....We got the brief done in good time before the deadline. She’s an excellent writer [and an] excellent researcher...."

Mitchell Matorin

Mitchell J. Matorin, Esq.
Matorin Law Office, LLC

Needham, MA

Commercial litigation and appeals

"I recommend Lisa highly, not only for her writing abilities, but also for her ability to quickly grasp legal issues and to offer valuable insight as a sounding board. I would not hesitate to call upon Lisa for assistance in the future."

Cari Rincker

Cari Rincker, Esq.
RinckerLaw, PLLC

New York, NY

General practice concentrating in agriculture and environmental law

"When an emergency hit and I needed legal research done quickly, Lisa was the first person who came to mind. She was very good at honing in on the precise legal question that needed [to be] addressed in court for my oral argument. In terms of legal research, she not only met my expectations . . . , she exceeded them."

Jonathan Corley

Jonathan Corley, Esq.
Whittelsey, Whittlesey & Poole

Opelika, AL

Civil litigation and criminal defense

"I think that [Lisa] did a fantastic job of taking...
somewhat of a complicated case that had been ongoing for many years and really grasping it very quickly and...
identifying the issues...very quickly and very effectively. I also enjoyed working with her because of her candor and her ability to analyze the situation realistically...."

Richard West, Esq.

Richard A. West, Esq.
Richard A. West, LLC

Florham Park, NJ

Professional licensee and small business representation

"I was facing a big motion for partial summary judgment and came to Lisa because I needed a little bit of help researching some of the issues....After speaking with Lisa, I was able to crystallize some of the issues that concerned me and, instead of responding to the motion..., I decided, with my client, that it was probably a good idea to try to settle the case. As a result of Lisa's input, I was able to obtain a settlement that was much more favorable than that which I originally thought I was going to get."

Sharon Campbell

Sharon K. Campbell, Esq.

Dallas, TX

Consumer litigation

"I had a federal motion for summary judgment response and I wished to do a counter-summary judgment at the same time....I decided this was probably the perfect project to use Lisa's services....She did an excellent job for me. She was very detailed in how she analyzed [the] case and all the documents and the research, coming up with arguments that even I wouldn't have thought of....I was very pleased with the final product and would be happy to work with her again."

Andrew C. Simpson

Andrew C. Simpson, Esq.
Andrew C. Simpson, P.C.

Christiansted, USVI

Insurance defense

"...[R]ecently, [Lisa] helped me with a petition for certiorari that I was drafting for the U.S. Supreme Court....As I antici-
pated, Lisa made a number of great suggestions for improving the content of my petition....
Lisa's attention to technical detail is astonishing....Lisa is as meticulous with her sub-
stantive work product as she is with [the] technical stuff....I, without hesitation, recommend Lisa's services...."

Patricia A. Sokolich

Patricia A. Sokolich, Esq.

Garden City, NY

Matrimonial and family law

"I have worked with [Lisa] on family law cases for the past six years, and each time her work has been professional, diligent, accurate and cost-effective."

Joseph Potashnik, Esq.

Joseph Potashnik, Esq.
Joseph Potashnik & Assocs., PLLC

New York, NY

Criminal defense

"My firm retained help us with...research and drafting of a presentencing submission in a federal criminal case....
Lisa was very efficient and thorough in her research, and her writing style was very clear and very persuasive. She was a very easy person to work with and she always delivered on time."

Ben Glass

Ben Glass, Esq.
Benjamin W. Glass, III & Assoc. PC

Fairfax, VA

Personal injury and medical malpractice

"Lots of us are way too busy to do a lot of in-depth legal research ourselves....I like Lisa because she's very smart about this [and] she helps me narrow the issues and frame the issues that I'm thinking about."

Margaretha Gravett

Margaretha Gravett, Esq.
Gravett & Gravett

White Plains, NY

Matrimonial and family law

"Lisa's research was impeccable and thorough, and we found her writing to be clear and to the point. Lisa's arguments were cogent and convincing and she was just an absolute pleasure to work with."

Steven A. Swidler, Esq.

Steven A. Swidler, Esq.
Swidler & Messi, LLP

New York, NY

Commercial, matrimonial and estate litigation

"I had a vacation scheduled and was up against a deadline on an appellate brief. Gave Lisa the job, returned from vacation—the appellate brief was done with almost zero changes to be made."

David J. Abeshouse, Esq.

David J. Abeshouse, Esq.

Uniondale, NY

Commercial litigation

"After two decades of business litigation practice, I admit to being quite demanding about how accurate, complete, analytical, creative, responsive and cost-effective work that is done for me must be. Lisa has met and exceeded these high standards."

David Z. Kaufman, Esq.

David Z. Kaufman, Esq.

Fairfax, VA

Commercial litigation

"I hired Lisa because of her reputation for research and careful analysis. I found that reputation fully justified. "

Edgar De Leon, Esq.

Edgar De Leon, Esq.
De Leon & Associates, PLLC

New York, NY

Matrimonial law and criminal defense

"Working with Lisa has enabled me to devote my time to being in court and doing the other things that I need to do to be successful in a very, very tough, demanding and competitive profession....She's very, very, very good at what she does."

Michael K. Eidman, Esq.

Michael K. Eidman, Esq.

New York, NY

Personal injury and medical malpractice

"Lisa has often come to my rescue when I've been in a jam, whether it's because I got suddenly hit with a summary judgment motion while preparing for a trial of another case or if it's perhaps because I need a real appellate maven to handle an appeal for me....Lisa has continued to be an asset to my office and I'm sure she'd be an asset to any office that uses her services."

Beverly Rogers, Esq.

Beverly Rogers, Esq.
Rogers & Tartaro, LLC

Ridgefield, CT and White Plains, NY

Commercial, real estate and T&E litigation

"...I’ve had occasion to work with Lisa several times through the years and find her to be the consummate professional. The quality of her research and writing is excellent. Lisa is responsive to time constraints and filing deadlines and I never had to worry that her briefs would not be delivered to me on time. She is proactive with legal strategies and analyses, and she’s a great sounding board."

Mark Del Bianco, Esq.

Mark Del Bianco, Esq.

Kensington, MD

Communications and internet law

"...I have really enjoyed working with Lisa....I would highly recommend that lawyers looking for help talk to [her]."

Cecile C. Weich, Esq.

Cecile C. Weich, Esq.

Bronx, NY and Chester, MD

General practice

"Lisa Solomon has helped me with research on many cases . . . . I recommend [Lisa] enthusiastically."

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